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In Lagna, it can bring fiery issues. There is this film called Anger Management.

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They possess a great sense of developing ideas and executing them. They are suppose to be great observers and notice even a minute detail. When they undertake a project, they intend to complete it with full perfection taking care of each details. The quality of their work supersedes the quantity. One might find difficulty in finding any kind of flaws in the work done by them.

Virgo in the ascendant symbolizes the developments of efficient methods, techniques, and skills. They always see perfection in everything, and can at times be self-critical. People with this combination have a greater sense of power to express, arousing the feelings of inferiority. They look a lot younger than their actual age. Their appearance of refined and clean persona attracts everyone around.

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The native with this combination have practical mind, and is methodological and alert in his approach. These people have great verbal skills which helps them to get they want in life. They are careful, precise and responsible in nature. People with Virgo in the first house have a tendency to become workaholic, and might get habitual to going over the same ground to be sure that they haven't missed anything. They can be seen as a list-maker, wanting to have everything at hand as per the need.

They feel comfortable when everything is well placed. People with Virgo arising in the ascendant are very much modest and often do not get the credit that they deserve. They tend to remain off lime light and stay out of lead. They are best suited in the role of researcher, observer, critic, or teacher. Sometimes they can become restless and nervous, and may have difficulty in relaxing. This is due to their critical nature.

Understanding Astrology

They can be fussy, mean or even ugly. They posses a great tendency to criticize others as a tool of self defense mechanism. These people focus more on immediate present, and neglect the vision for the future. They are comfortable living in a world of facts and prefers to live in an environment of intellectual awareness to combat natural feelings of insecurity. Effects of Birth in Virgo Ascendant.

Udaya Lagna with Pushkara Navamsa for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

One born in Virgo Ascendant will be gentle, skillful in training or teaching others , music, poetry and fine arts be a sweet speaker, be affectionate, interested in charity and serving others, will sport with virgins, be endowed with goodness, merciful, will enjoy others' wealth, will wander, will have a female's disposition, be modest, be a liar, will attempt to enlarge his landed properties, be fortunate, sensuous, famous, virtuous, beautiful, will honor elders, be sinful, inimical to brothers, will have more daughters, be phlegmatic and windy in humour and will be away from base and inimical people.

The person born with Virgo as the Ascendant, will be truthful and will speak kindly. He will be well versed in Shastras and will take advantage of other people's houses and wealth. His arms and shoulders will be drooped. You will lead a life with many genuine friends and that will be your basic strength. You are a deep thinker, analyse the various aspects of life and since your thought process takes more time, your action part will be limited, but it will be firm.

You will have a vey good personal life and if there are any problems, it could be rectified in seeing your horoscope. Generally, you will not have any major health problems, but over the years, as you become old, you may have few surgeries or operation which could be avoided by regular habits in early life.

About Virgo

Financially, you know how to make money. You will make more financial gains in life than others but still as you love nature, beauty and realted things, you will also spend more.

You will have a beautiful life partner and he or she could dominate you , only for the welfare of your family, and I believe nothing wrong in it, you could adjust and be flexible. With career, yours will have more travel or with consultancy like auditing, accounts and with any sort of facilitating works in art, construction, jewellery and in Software. But you may have fluctuations in career which proper guidance is also required.

Ascendant - Virgo Kanni : Virgo rising gives scholarly qualities and they are lovers of learning. Then it goes to its sign of debilitation once a year for about a month and goes to infancy and old age about twelve times a year besides coming under the close influence of Rahu, Ketu and other functional malefic planets in a natal chart.

They are generally worried and need support for. It has as its symbol a Lady. It is a human and feminine sign.

It is the second of the three earth signs and the 2nd of the common signs. It is the 2nd human sign. Being a negative sign you will be passive, receptive to the ideas and suggestion of other people, defensive and a have a some-what conciliatory disposition. You will be more self repressive and less out going and may need a little push to get you started.

This sign is also called a Feminine Sign. Being a earthy sign it shows solidity and stability and indicates material welfare and you will surely be bent on making wealth and seeking power and position. It will also give good health. You have a practical objective, scientific, methodical and materialistic mind. You represent the vibratory motion passing from one point to another and back again linking the two extremes of its motion.

Your nature is dual and fluctuating. Flexibility or plasticity is your positive characteristic. The sign denotes that you are intellectual, sympathetic, sensitive, subtle, versatile and prone to change. You will weigh the merits and demerit of each case and finally take the decision. In some cases there will be confusion too and an inability to take quick decisions which may be needed sometimes.

This sign is known for self-perfection, critical faculties, honesty responsibility, cleanliness, efficiency, reliability, hard work shrewd logical thought, gentleness with the helpless people sympathetic nature, organized, knowledgeable about good health witty and charming, physically sensual, emotionally warm and dedicated. Inside anyone who has strong Kanya influence is a person who worries too much about every personal imperfection and is never satisfied with his or her own standards.

Virgo/कन्या Lagna Prediction for September 2019 By Kumar Joshi

Sometime during a bad phase in life the negative qualities of this sign may show up. Know Your Signs Virgo In Vedic Astrology, Virgo is considered as the sixth zodiac sign among the twelve zodiac signs which are taken into consideration for making astrological calculations based on Vedic Astrology. The last three padas of the Nakshatra Uttraphalguni, all four padas of the Nakshatra Hasta and the first two padas of the Nakshatra Chitra are ruled by this sign called Virgo. Virgo is an Earthy sign ruled by Mercury and Mercury itself gets exalted in this sign which means that Mercury is considered as the strongest when placed in this sign out of all the twelve zodiac signs whereas on the other hand Venus gets debilitated in this signs which means that Venus is considered as the weakest when placed in Virgo, out of all the twelve zodiac signs.

The extra strength gained by Mercury and the extra weakness experienced by Venus when placed in this sign in a horoscope can make the native undergo some unique positive or negative effects and changes depending upon the.


The placement of some good positive planets in Virgo like, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu in a horoscope can bless the native with very good speech and communication skills and it can also bless him with good to great materialistic successes depending upon the other important aspects of his horoscope. Placement of a strong positive Rahu in this sign in a horoscope can bless the native with very good intuition, and the power to plan things whereas the placement of a strong positive Saturn in this sign can bless the native with very good analytical power, diplomatic nature and materialistic successes depending upon the other aspects of his horoscope, Whereas the presence of one or more than one strong negative planets in this sign in a horoscope can cause serious problems for the native.

Virgo represents stomach, kidneys, intestines and some other parts of the body in this region. A clean and strong Virgo in a horoscope indicates good health of the native by virtue of proper and strong working of parts and organs of body represented by this sign whereas weakness of this sign either by placement of strong negative planets in it or by aspect of one or more negative planets to this sign can cause ailments and diseases related to Kidneys, Intestines, Nervous system and other diseases or problems related to stomach region.

Serious afflictions to this sign from some particular negative planets in a horoscope can make the native suffer from many kinds of miseries and misfortunes and the native can suffer from serious diseases and may have to spend a large part of his money and time on these diseases. Virgo Natives are Shy and Alert Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign. The symbol of Virgo is a girl standing with a flower bouquet in her hand. Virgo is the lord of the south direction. Mercury is the lord of this sign. Virgo has exalted Mercury and a debilitated Venus. Natives born in this sign are basically shy and timid.

In this article we will discuss about the characteristics of the Virgo natives.

About Virgo

Vedic astrology says that in Virgo natives the Earth element is prominent. Virgos have dual nature and due to this there are differences in their words and deeds. It is not very easy for common people to understand the nature of Virgo natives. Due to their dual nature they cannot make decisions in time.

Natives born in Virgo sign are very philosophical and their decisions have a logical ground. Virgo natives can analyze as well as determine the situation acutely.

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