Aquariusd meteor shower astrology

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Follow your groove, and the money will come to you. Saturn passes a Moon to your Mars October 14 th to 18 th. By the 18 th that Moon will align with your ruling Mars in grumpy Capricorn. Give yourself a pass. Your hot head will cool tomorrow. Harvest a better you this Fall.

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The False Dawn fires up your Creativity Sector on the 14 th. Venus keeps the beat alive on the 14th, aligning with brainy Mercury in Virgo. Communication is highlighted that day and everything you say comes out like it was written by Aaron Sorkin. Use this power wisely.

The Orionid Meteor Shower radiates through Taurus — it peaks on the 21 st — giving brilliant insight. The month ends with a Venus, Earth and Sun alignment that may give you second thoughts about recent choices. Ignore them; this doubt is an illusion and you are on the right path. Got ants in your pants, Twins? October 2 nd brings the special restlessness of a Moon in Gemini. Dance it out or move through some Vinyasas. On the 9 th the False Dawn lights up your Career House.

Make things happen professionally and you will reap the rewards through the rest of On the 16 th your ruling Mercury enters Libra.

Supermoon and Perseid Meteor Shower - 10 & 11 - 13 August 2014

This placement has social implications, so look at your friends and harvest the best of the crop. Life is too short for superficial people.

Astrology on the Web: Geminid Meteor Display

What are you hunting, professionally speaking? Know your target and bring it home. Enjoy the popularity that kindness brings. When you see the best in others, they see it too.

October brings some lunar news you can use, Cancer. A New Moon in your Marriage House starts a cycle of strengthened partnership. Apply love generously and you will never run out. My advice? On the 24 th all eyes are on your planet. Bring it home. Lion, how do you always steal the show? The month begins with a lunar visit to your House of Self October 5th encouraging your already hefty self-esteem. Avoid the temptation to show off — theatrics get you into trouble. On October 9 th the False Dawn lights up your constellation. Google zodiacal light for a mind trip.

The event energizes your hustle and flow. Good thing, you have got a lot of irons in the fire.

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Watch those shooting stars and feel the mental energy they gift you. You know you are brilliant, now other folks will see it too. Go after what you want, bring it down and bring it home.

This month, the Virgin feels the love in her wallet. Channel that grace of expression into a worthy cause. The Orionid Meteor Shower continues the mental boost. It fires up your Career House, peaking on the 21 st when your smarts will be appreciated by those around you. The month ends with your constellation hosting a three-way planetary alignment and Venus, Earth and the Sun will have you questioning if you should have done things differently.

Your skills pay the bills. Happy Birthday, Libra.

There are two annual meteor showers associated with the constellation of Gemini. The first is the March Geminids, which peaks on or around March 22nd. The average fall rate is generally about 40 per hour but this varies and the meteors appear to be very slow, entering our atmosphere unhurriedly and leaving lasting trails. The second meteor shower are the Geminids themselves, which peak on or near the date of December 14th, with activity beginning up to two weeks prior and lasting for several days. The Geminids are one of the most beautiful and mysterious showers, with a rate of about per hour during a moonless night.

The Gemini constellation is also associated with Messier 35 , a galactic open star cluster that is easily spotted with the naked eye. The star cluster is quite young, having formed some million years ago, and is quite bright due to it having blown away most of its leftover material i. Other open clusters in Gemini include NGC , which lies directly southwest of M35 in the night sky.

In terms of the elements, Cancers are characterized by the element of Water, and the ruling celestial body of Cancer is The Moon. This 3.

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This system is also home to a confirmed exoplanet, beta Cancri b, which is a Super-Jupiter with an orbital period of over days. In terms of deep-sky objects, Cancer is best known as being the home of Messier Object 44 aka. Praesepe, or the Beehive Cluster , an open cluster located in the center of the constellation. Located light-years from Earth, it is one of the nearest open clusters to our Solar System.

M44 contains about 50 stars, the brightest of which are of the sixth magnitude. The smaller, denser open cluster of Messier Object 67 can also be found in Cancer, which is light-years from Earth and contains approximately stars. The active galaxy OJ is also found in the Cancer constellation.

What Monday’s Meteor Shower Means for Every Zodiac Sign

Located 3. There is only one meteor shower associated with the constellation of Cancer, which is the Delta Cancrids. The peak date for this shower is on or about January 16t, and has been known to average only about 4 comets per hour and the meteors are very swift. The sign of Leo is also associated with the element of Fire and the ruling celestial body of Leo is The Sun. There are five annual meteor showers associated with the constellation Leo. The first is the Delta Leonid meteor stream, which begins between February 5th through March 19th every year.

The activity peaks in late February, and the maximum amount of meteors averages around 5 per hour. The next is the Sigma Leonid meteor shower, which begins on April 17th. This is a very weak shower, with activity rates no higher than 1 to 2 per hour. The next is the November Leonids, the largest and most dependable meteor shower associated with the Leo constellation.

The peak date is November 17th, but activity occurs around 2 days on either side of the date.

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Aquariusd meteor shower astrology

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