Total solar eclipse march 11 11 astrology

Total Lunar Eclipse of January 21

December is a time to celebrate and honor where you are in life and radiate love and kindness towards yourself and others. The Universe is guiding us this month towards a final push for the year to let go of that which no longer serves us, make peace with our innermost truths, and have the confidence to take the steps towards realizing our dreams.

Total Solar Eclipses occurring daily, hidden by technology 11-08-19

Trust that whatever is no longer in your life was never meant to enter this new chapter with you. Trust that whatever has come into your life is here for a purpose to help you level up, raise your vibration, and enter with abundant energy.

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This past year may have been difficult, but we made it through and are stronger than we have ever been. You are about to experience a huge transition and awaken your Higher self. You are about to step into your most incredible year yet and December is here to give you the tools that you need to go into this new chapter with open arms, profound love, and deep gratitude. Let's ask the Tarot for insights on your circumstances, and see what the cards hold in store for you.

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Click HERE to start your reading If you found this astrological information interesting or helpful, please remember to SHARE the article with your family and friends on Facebook! This New Moon carries with it a distinct theme, like a sign from the Universe, and the exact same one that was emphasized during the last New Moon. During the last New Moon, on October 27, the Sun and Moon made a volatile, energized and powerful opposition to Uranus, while being at 4 degrees Scorpio, the number of the 4th planet Mars.

During this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are also at 4 degrees except the sign is Sagittarius, although it's not uncommon for a New Moon to occur in the same degree of the respective sign as the past month.

Do you feel like you're still searching for your life purpose? With a sign of Mars, energy, activity, and motion ingrained in the number 4 occuring in the New Moon, this time the sign seems to point to a more functional, vibrant, and positive type of active Martian energy, as opposed to the foreshadowing of tension that occurred last month. This time, one of the most positive aspects of the entire year is finishing up during the peak of the New Moon: Venus conjunct Jupiter, which you can see in the New Moon chart below. Mars is repeatedly emphasized in this New Moon, as it is semisextile Mars at 4 degrees Scorpio: Mars, at the degree of its number, at the exact same spot where the last New Moon was.

The last New Moon was at 4 degrees Scorpio, and this New Moon is making an aspect to Mars at 4 degrees Scorpio, with Mars being the 4th planet from the Sun: that's a whole lot of emphasis on Mars. This is what you call the epitome of synchronicity, and by reading every detail of a chart during an event like this, it's possible to recognize what the sky is emphasizing in a pretty objective way.

While the last New Moon emphasized that which is volatile, Mars in the confrontational flavor, this time a socially expansive, enjoyable, active and passionate energy is clearly being projected out to the world.

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Venus conjunct Jupiter is coinciding with the New Moon, and for the week up until the event around November 18 — December 1 , this ultra-positive configuration will take precedence over much else in the vibe we feel. The thing about this Venus conjunct Jupiter is, it's happening at the most potent location of the sign Sagittarius, Jupiter's own sign.

Both Jupiter and Sagittarius possess this over-joyous, expansive, lucky sort of energy that, when it's all in the air due to its presence in the sky, it makes for the essence of what people desire and look forward to. The growth, expansion, fulfillment and activity of just about everything that is desirable is related to Jupiter and its sign Sagittarius, and the spot where Venus conjunct Jupiter occurs in Sag is by far the most potent spot in the sign due to it being the brightest, most star-packed location in the entire zodiac: the intersection of the zodiac ecliptic and the Galactic Center.

The intersection of the zodiac belt and the center of our Galaxy is right there at bright, star-packed, happy and energetic end of Sagittarius, and that's precisely where Venus conjunct Jupiter occurs during the New Moon and week and a half leading up to it. This end to November is being considered the grand finale of Jupiter in Sagittarius, for the fact that by December 2, Jupiter will be in Capricorn for a year, a much different tone than the happy-go-lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter's presence in Sagittarius this year has really been insulating us from the more dreadful, heavy, somber and purgative effects of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and the two eclipses exactly aligned with that.

It may feel as if we took this subtle warm, strong energy for granted all year, toward the end of December and throughout January as Saturn conjunct Pluto peaks once more in Capricorn with Jupiter also nearby. Thankfully, around March — September , Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn will rejuvenate us from the more low energy, somber effects of the January eclipse conjunct Saturn and Pluto on January This New Moon can be considered a sign of higher spirits, elevated inspiration, passion, energy, and particularly that which is romantic or social.

This may be the most romantically potent moment in the entire year, and a perfect opportunity to crystallize something you share with a person before a moment of energetic winter. Sitting somewhere comfortably light your candles. Allow yourself a moment to meditate and relax. Once you are situated begin writing things down. Write about anything that comes to mind. Put everything down on paper. All of the things that bring you happiness and where you want to be this time next year.

Write for as long as you feel is necessary but try to get at least eleven or so minutes in.

Solar Eclipse July – Honor and Riches – Astrology King

Do this at am or pm if possible to keep the energies as balanced as possible. Once you have things down on paper go over the things you've written down. What things stand out the most to you? Bring everything over to a new paper that stood out to you and burn the old paper.

Close your eyes and really focus on these things, which ones are most important to you from the things you've carried over. Once you have the three narrowed down give yourself a moment to manifest.

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Think about how important they are and allow yourself permission to make them happen. Seal these three things away in an envelope and place them somewhere safe. Once you have done this go relax in a warm bath and meditate over your own thoughts. Cleanse yourself of any blockages and prepare to move forth once this day has passed.

While this might not seem like much it will make a huge difference in how these energies work for you. Not only do we have a Full Moon in Taurus, but Mercury made an incredibly rare pass between the Earth and the Sun - an event that only takes place 13 times every century and won't occur again until The transit of Mercury basks this full moon in mystery and, if we aren't careful, tumultuous, chaotic energy. A transit of Mercury may reveal secrets to you, some of which you may not have wanted to know. Proceed cautiously through this full moon in Taurus.

If you've been working on big things, now is the time to strike. Set them into motion. This full moon will give you the type of energy you need in order to strategize on the fly and make things happen. But don't take too much of a scattershot approach - instead, focus your energy on one or two things that you really want to land. When the sun rises on a new day, hit the ground running.

You'll find this full moon's lunar energy is like the wind at your back, Aquarius. For Pisces, life right now is like driving downhill. It's easy, you're not using a lot of gas, but you need to slow down, otherwise you'll wind up crashing and burning. If you move through this time too quickly, you'll miss so many little details that make life worth living. Take a deep breath and make time for simple, peaceful activities. For Aries, this month's full moon gives you the power to see through facades and clever disguises. You might find yourself realizing quite suddenly that people you've put a lot of time and effort and love into aren't actually worth your time, and you've been neglecting those who are.

But don't fret, this full moon will help you achieve greater personal balance and reconnect with the ones who truly love you. Taurus, this month's full moon is yours! Like the moon above you, this is your time to shine. You might find yourself waking in the morning with relationships at the top of your mind, and for good reason.

A full moon in Taurus empowers you to deeply consider the structure and balance of your relationship. But proceed with caution: you may find yourself wanting to battle it out with your loved ones over perceived imbalances, but pick your battles wisely. Fighting because your partner isn't doing the dishes enough isn't a worthy use of this moon's energy, but if there are bigger issues coming to the forefront, now is the time to take them on.

The full moon in Taurus can be a chaotic time for some signs, but not Gemini.

total solar eclipse march 11 11 astrology Total solar eclipse march 11 11 astrology
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total solar eclipse march 11 11 astrology Total solar eclipse march 11 11 astrology
Total solar eclipse march 11 11 astrology

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