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Pairing of Opposite Houses – Part IXA

Kriyamana Karma:. This is what we do in the present with our free will. People are not mechanical devices merely controlled by our past actions. We can by exerting and struggling create new favorable situations.

Three Types of Karma

This is Kriyamana Karma. Agama Karma:. New actions that we plan to execute are a measure of our capacity to envision future actions, whether or not we implement them. To set an intention to be more careful in the future would be our agama karma. Without kriyamana and agama karma our life would be entirely predestined upon birth. We would, in effect, be completely at the mercy of our past karma.

The accident would be considered our prarabdha karma — our allotted karma for this life out of entire sanchita karma. To dress the wound in order to lessen the suffering would be our kriyamana karma. To plan or to set our intentions to be more careful in the future would be our agama karma. The Three Levels of Magnitudes of Karma:. In addition to the four kinds of karma, there are three levels of magnitude to any given karma. If the karma is strong then the predetermined event will almost certainly happen.

If the karma is weak then it may be relatively easy to avert it. The three levels of magnitude are:. Dridha karma - Fixed Karma — This is karma that cannot be changed by any effort on our part. Only the grace of God can alter fixed karma Dridha.

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These are destined to be experienced because for the intensity of the causes. Many times we experience that an event simply happens despite all efforts to avoid it. In vedic astrology Dridha Karmas happen when there a confluence of factors. This can be changed with concentrated mental application. Will power is necessary. Adridha Karma - Non-Fixed karma — This is karma that can be easily changed with some effort. It is possible from astrology to determine the magnitude of the Karma.

Possible Remedies for Difficult Karmas:. However, many people are not so happy with the bad times and would like to improve the bad times if possible. Yagyas: Yagyas ancient Vedic ceremonies are among the strongest remedial measures. Yagyas should only be undertaken under the advisement or direction of a competent guru, Hindu priest or Vedic astrologer. Fasting: Fasting is an art and there are many other structures to fasting that are too intricate to go into here.

No one should undertake fasting without medical clearance and specific instructions. Mantras: Mantras, generally, should only be used under the direction of a competent spiritual advisor or Vedic astrologer. They can have negative effects when done improperly. Some mantras are very strong and should absolutely not be used by the general public. Do not pick a mantra out of a book and start using it. That is like going into a drug store and choosing a medicine at random. It can be ok at best, dangerous at worst.

However, there is a small number of widely known, "public" mantras that are generally safe for any adult. If you engage in enough charitable giving, you can probably offset almost any bad Karma seen in your chart. However, there are ways to maximize your charitable giving, according to the Vedic tradition. If you want spiritual benefits, probably Thursday is the best day to donate. If you want to grow in power and status, Sunday is the best day to give money or articles away. If you want more love, and physical enjoyment and creativity, most likely Friday is the best day. The Vedic tradition also delineates classes of people and classes of animals who are the ideal recipient of your charity.

This maximizes the effects of your charitable giving. Gems: Gems are said to be powerful although it is not stated in the astrological texts as remedies. Gems are supposed to work. However, gems are probably not as powerful as mantras and yagyas. Ideally, if you are going to use a gem for Jyotish purposes, it should touch your skin for maximum effect. The gem should also be blessed, have a yagya, and be worn for the first time on a certain day. Fixed karma may also be interpreted as karma whose effects are destined to appear at a fixed time.

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Fixed karma Dridha — Dasha System This is karma that cannot be changed by any effort on our part. Only the grace of God can alter fixed karma Dridha. Dashas in Natal or Divisional charts i. These are those Karmas which may or may not fruity. Non-Fixed karma Adridha — Transits of Planets This is karma that can be easily changed with some effort. In the Previous version of this Article series, we tried to understood how three ways an individual performs its Karma astrologically as well spiritually based on the philosophy of Swami Sivananda Saraswati ji.

Users can read our previous part from this link: The Karma Theory Part 2. In the Current version of this series we will try to understand the Rebirth process, Karmic relations and How 4 Major karmas play an important role in our life both spiritually and astrologically. Let us understand the Rebirth and Karmic Magnitude of our karmas one by one. First, we need to understand what is Rebirth or reincarnation? Rebirth is a mystic process of cosmos where one past Desire gives rise to the new opportunity for new birth Astrologically Rahu and Kama Trikona houses seen for all desires of pasts and presents , even this desire also responsible for falling into a cycle of birth and death and numerous new karma.

Prarabdha - The reflection of our Karma

The more we work to acquire the object of our desires, the more it produces the new karma, it can be fruitful or painful too. All these desires are responsible for a birth cycle and responsible for taking birth after birth to reap the fruits of our karmas, this is what called the law of karma. Though there is no science which can reveal about moksha of the soul, it is totally in the hands of the supreme divine, astrology is only a tool which can give us clue to understanding the karmic cycle of the soul.

What are the Types of Karma. Every action, either physical, emotional or mental, every movement occurring either on the plane of gross matter School am or on the astral planes Sookshma , causes emission of Energy. In other words, it produces a Seed. Being a Seed, Karma fructifies or does not fructify immediately after it is sown. The innumerable Karmic Seeds we produce by our various actions — desire, aversion, love, hatred, happiness, etc.

And as is his desire, so is his will. As is his will, so is his deed. Whatever deed he does, that he will reap.

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  • Karma should not be confused with Fate. Karma, on the other hand, can be corrected.


    Because man is a Conscious Being and he can be aware of his Karma and thus strive to change the course of events, with the help of superior powers. Some karma can be changed and some cannot. When you prepare halwa, if sugar is less or ghee is less, water more or less, it can all be adjusted, repaired. But once sooji is cooked, it cannot be reversed.

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    If the buttermilk is sour, milk can be added, salt can be added to make it drinkable. But it can never be reversed back to milk. Prarabdha karma cannot be changed. Sanchita karma can be changed by spiritual practices.

    Fate, Free will and Vedic astrology

    Listening and practising spiritual practices i. When you praise someone, you take on their good karma. When you blame someone you take on their bad karma. One should Know this and surrender both good and bad karma to the Divine and be free. He can utilize the helping forces to serve his ends in the best possible manner. He can neutralize the hostile or antagonistic currents. Just as the fish swims against the current, so also he will be able to go against the hostile currents by adjusting himself properly and safeguarding himself through suitable precautionary methods.

    God helps those to some extent who understand and apply the law of Karma in their life.

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