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Popular en Nature. Efrain Sanjay Adhikary. Chendy Endriansa. Yogesh Parmar. Anirban Chakraborty. If a Papa stands on Janma Nakshatra and is afflicted in 5 ways, the person dies within a month. These 5 ways of affliction are as under: a. Juti b. Dristhi in SBC c. Latta falling on Janma Nakshatra d. Upagraha standing e. Vedha If Karma Nakshatra is afflicted in 5 ways, death would occur in 2 months and 13 days due to troubles from quadrupeds, snakes or fall from a height. If Vinasa Nakshatra is afflicted in 5 ways, death in 3 - 5 days in a foreign place.

If Manas Nakshatra is afflicted in 5 ways, death in 4 months. Just as Guru, Mangal and Sani have additional full Dristhis on Bhavas other than 7 th in general astrology, here too there are additional Dristhis as shown below: Graha Nak.

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In Krishna Paksha, reverse. During day, Subhas look in front and Papas behind. At night, the reverse. During first half of the day, Subhas look in front and Papas behind.

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  8. During the second half of the day, reverse. These Dristhis are as applicable to Nakshatras. Dristhis of retrograde Papas are highly Papa and those of retrograde Subhas highly Subha. Papa in mean motion tend to do well. Aspect of a fast moving Subha produces sometimes Papa effects; in mean motion moderate effects; if eclipsed or combust in general astrology no effects. Papas in fast motion produces moderate effects; if eclipsed no effects.

    Aspects of Grahas falling on other Nakshatras have to be determined and considered along with all other afflictions. Chapter 13 Price variations in various commodities or market fluctuations All minerals are called Dhatu; vegetation Moola, and all living beings are called Jiva. Similarly, when a Graha is in retrogression, full retrogression strength is assessed at the middle of retrogression, otherwise, pro-rata reduction has to be made.

    These assignments of strength are when Subhas are considered. Assume Guru Dristhi on Dhanur. Example: Guru in Mithuna with Navamsa in own Bhava. Guru Dristhi on Kanya is only but in this special case, full Dristhi strength is allowed because Guru is enjoying own Navamsa. For these purposes, Dristhis and Jutis have to be reckoned strictly on a mathematical basis allowing an orb of just 1 only. Where slow moving Grahas are involved, even this may have to be further reduced. When is an Dristhi effective? The numbers 1 - 5 against Dristhi on denotes Dristhi falling on one or more of the constituents of Panchka.

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    The fractions highlighted are to be added to the values shown above them. In the good old days, when this Chakra originated, the list used to start with Krittika as the first Nakshatra and Vrishabha as the first Rasi of Zodiac. Ashada Ghee, roots, rice West 1 month 21 U. Ashada Horses, bullocks, iron etc. Bhadrapada Roots, nutmeg, metals, medicines South 5 months 26 U. Erect Rasi Chakra and study the same according to general astrological rules.

    The price variation, which is going to be determined, will be in terms of these units, up or down by one, two or more.

    Appendix C illustrates the method of working. There is another ancient method of predicting price variations in commodities, which has the sanction of ancient Sages. Observe Chandr on 2 nd Tithi Dwiteeya; the first occasion when Chandr can be observed immediately after a New Chandr ; make a note of the two horns of Chandr - whether each horn is up or down. Chandr on this day very much looks like the horns of a ram.

    Compare this curve with the one that prevailed on Dwiteeya following previous New Chandr. Of course, this process needs to be carried out every lunar month or at least 2 observations to compare. If any one of the horns is comparatively up or down when compared, some price variation is bound to occur. The price of commodities ruled by Panchka that are affected by Chandr will go up or down.

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