February 21 birthday astrology leo

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People born on this day need both freedom and commitment in a relationship. They love the thrill of the chase and will probably have numerous partners but a part of them also longs to feel safe in one committed relationship.

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They have powerful emotions and a sensitive heart with a lot of love to give; they long to be rescued by that special someone who can provide them with both excitement and stability. It is extremely important for them to eat a healthy balanced diet, packed full of the mood-boosting nutrients found in oily fish, nuts, seeds, leafy green vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. They should avoid drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and any addictive or toxic substances. Plenty of exercise, preferably in the fresh air so they get the mood-boosting effects of daylight, is highly recommended as are breathing exercises, meditation or perhaps counseling if they find themselves unable to deal with feelings of anger, fear, guilt, or disappointment.

Reading, wearing or meditating on the colors green and blue will help restore natural balance and healing.

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People born on this day make great leaders and any career that allows them to motivate, inspire or lead others will appeal; for example, management, politics or teaching. They may also be drawn toward careers where they can make their own rules, such as music, arts and entertainment. They can also make especially good conductors. Often rather dexterous, they may also be interested in working with their hands, so careers in design, especially costume design, construction or building, may appeal.

The life path of people born on this day is to trust themselves to be able to take on board the advice of others. Once they are able to do that, their destiny is to motivate and inspire others by their own example to reach their full potential. February 21 Zodiac: Pisces February 21 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the dominating presence Your greatest challenge is: to take on board the advice of others The way forward is: to understand that although your strength is to take your place at the helm, great leaders seek the advice of others.

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February 21 Love Horoscope: November 23 to December 21 You are both natural lovers and natural adventurers, and this can create an intense and fulfilling bond. February 21 Zodiac Luck maker: Act naturally Lucky people never try to be something they are not, as this alienates others rather than getting them on your side. Believe it or not, such people do exist. Accordingly, when things go south, you blame yourself. You wallow in self-pity and oftentimes your confidence takes a hit. The fault lies with them.

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Lovers born on February 21st are very romantic. In fact, they are such incorrigible and hopeless romantics that they often fall for the wrong people. You have to remember that throughout your lifetime, you will attract the romantic attention of a wide range of people. Be very selective, because there are people out there who would treat you like you are an emotional doormat.

February 21

I know this is probably going to bother your mind, and that this may take you by surprise, but this is the truth. I wish that was the case, but unfortunately, most people live life-based on the guidance of their better angels. This means, people often repay kindness with meanness and even outright anger and harm. Those with a birthday on February 21 tend to take on a lot of work for the team.

They feel that they are doing their team members a big favor by doing most of the work. There are certain people who never work and take credit for whatever accomplishments you achieve. Do yourself a favor, and make sure that you get appropriate credit. With that said, people born on February 21 tend to be great athletes, social workers, and lawyers.

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People born on this day generally trust their intuitions and feelings. You have a strong romantic intuition and in many cases, they turn out to be quite right. When it comes to the things that count, sometimes your intuition lets you down. Sometimes you end up in relationships that are so imbalanced that you are really wasting your time.

I am, of course, talking about friendships and romantic relationships where the other partner gets all the benefits and you get all the hassles and responsibilities.

People born on February 21 are very kind, loving and truly care. You are an other-centered person. This is an amazing gift. Make sure you use this gift on the right people. People who are natives of the February 21 zodiac tend to hang on to imbalanced romantic relationships and friendships for far too long. While a little bit of imbalance is not necessarily a bad thing because most people get into them, but it is a very negative thing if you know that you are in an imbalanced relationship.

Believe it or not, you are deserving of the very best from your friends and romantic partners. Insist on your right. Water is the paired element of the Pisces.

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This should not come as a surprise. Water is by nature volatile. Accordingly, people born on February 21, often are very moody and have unstable emotional states. The worst part to all of this is that they often blame themselves for things that go wrong with the relationships. You are who you are, and people around you are who they are. Just accept that fact and live with it. This planet has historically been associated with idealism, sensitivity, compassion, and intuition.

It also involved a lot of imagination. So you can do quite well in life if you tap into empathy, compassion and imagination that your Neptune nature brings to the table.

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february 21 birthday astrology leo February 21 birthday astrology leo
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february 21 birthday astrology leo February 21 birthday astrology leo

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